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    Q Garden Novidades

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Phoenix Roebellinii

phoenix_roebellini_2This beautiful little palm is called Pygmy Date Palm or Dwarf Date Palm. It belongs to the family of the Arecacea Palms.
It is native of Southeast Asia and is mainly found in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar (Burma).
Today you can find it in any warmer part of the globe.

Phoenix Roebellinii is propagated by seeds, which is a slow process as they take about three months to germinate.

The Pygmy Date Palm grows to a maximum of two to three meters and very old exemplars in good positions can grow up to four meters. Yellow flowers appear on female palms followed by small dark brown to black dates.

The palm with its tall tender trunk and long leaves from 60cm to about 120cm, forming the crown at the top, is very popular as an ornamental plant as it gives a tropical look to any place it is planted.

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